Writers Block, a Monte Carlo and Music Videos From My Teen Years – Part Two

The list continues. These videos mostly come from 1984 and are “concept videos” – the video interprets a visual story of  the song.

Rock Box – Run DMC,  1984


Well, this one might be a stretch as a concept video, but it was different. It was rap. It was metal. It was good. If there is going to be one rap/hip hop video on my list (there doesn’t have to be any), this is it. Still run to this one.

Drive  – The Cars, 1984


“Who’s going to tell you it’s too late? Who’s going to tell you things aren’t so great?”

The party is over and it is time to go home. I love this video and song because it’s honest. You can sense the agony, helplessness, patience and love that make a relationship. Sometimes folks go into dark places and true friends do the hard things to help pull them out. At least that’s what I think.

Boys of Summer – Don Henley, 1984

Ray-Ban Wayfarers....cool.

Boys of Summer was the first time I heard the term “dead head“. It was also the first time I heard of  “Wayfarers”. I need to get a pair of those, because they are cool.

Say, you know what else would be cool? If the video was on You Tube…that would be cool…but it’s not.

Very uncool.

Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams, 1985


By my count, Bryan Adams would have been 10 years old in the summer of 1969. If he was rockin’ that early he was either a prodigy – or – this song is in reference to something else entirely. Anyway, I was 13 when this video came out I knew I just had to have a guitar. I bought one with money I saved up from working at a restaurant. After a few months…I smashed it, Pete Townsend style, on the driveway because I didn’t know how to play guitar. Go figure.

More to come…..

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ray-ban sunglasses.


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