What Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day

I’ve been a dad for almost 7 years and when Father’s Day rolls around my wife asks me (on behalf of the kids) what I want. I say something really thoughtful like “iTunes gift card” or “Loews gift card” or maybe something exotic like “Starbucks gift card”, but that’s not what I really mean to say. Yes, I’ll gladly accept the gift cards, but as a dad I really want something that will draw me closer to my family.

That got me thinking about what dads really want on Father’s Day. I made a list which included things like golf outing to Ireland or yard mowing robot, but these seemed off the mark. For me, I’m wanting something real that will deepen relationships with the ones I love. So here is where all that thinking led me:

My Wife – I want her to know she’s appreciated

Kelly does have Mother’s Day, but I wouldn’t be a father without her. She clothes us, feeds us, nurses us back to health, cleans some of us and that’s in between home schooling and running a business. You would think it would be easy to show appreciation for someone who does all of that every day, but it doesn’t always shine through. What I want is for her to know is she is loved and respected by me and the kids. Maybe it’s time for a date?

Gift Idea: A “date night” gift card with my wife is always well received and it would be an opportunity to spend quality time with her – dinner and a movie or even a weekend away.

My Children –  I want them to know they are loved 

My kids are growing up in a time where they need to be certain of their father’s love towards them and know right from wrong. Truth from lies. Good apples from bad ones. As their dad, I am not only their biggest fan, but also protector and teacher.

Gift Idea: A great way to instill this in them is to spend quality time with them.  How about a date night with my daughter and a father-son camp out?

My Children’s Hearts –  I want them to know salvation. 

When I spent time with my granddad as a child, he would say to me in a loving, grandfatherly kind of way “Be sure of your salvation”.  As a 5 year old, that always felt kinda heavy, but nobody else said that to me. Now that I am a father, I get it. I fully understand the impact of these words and how they apply to my children. I want to equip them to know God and have Christ in their hearts.

Gift Idea: Any activity or time together that gives me the opportunity to teach them about the Father’s love. Get creative!

So, yes, I’ll take the gift cards and I will find ways to spend them. If I end up in Ireland, then so be it. But the best gifts I can receive this Father’s Day are relational. Time with my wife, time with my children and knowing they are forgiven….that would suit me just fine. Or even one of these Father’s Day poems, funny poems for cards my wife helps the kids make each year (with a Starbucks card of course) would do the trick!

How about you, what do you really want for Father’s Day this year?




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