The Sum of Your Life: Three Piles of Stuff

Three piles.

Three piles

After we die, the remains of our life will come down to what my friend Richard calls “three piles of stuff.” We all may name them something different, but here is what they basically are:

  • Junk – These are the things that are bound for the land fill because nobody wants it. Think As Seen on TV, work manuals, bank statements (actually, shred those) and old socks. Out they go.
  • Garage Sale – This is where the things go that are of some value, but just not to the people picking through your former stuff. This is the dusty treadmill, the long forgotten table saw, the bike rack and camping equipment. These are the things you thought….you were just sure….you would use to stay in shape or create memories with. You didn’t.
  • Keepers – This is the stuff your family will want. This could be real estate or stocks. It could be homemade birthday cards your daughter made for you and you managed to keep. It could be music, photos or a book.  Maybe it’s your high school letter jacket, furniture or family Bible.

That’s what the sum of your life can come down to when you are gone, but I’d offer that there is one more pile. It can be thrown away, sold or kept intact. The fourth pile is your legacy. What kind of person were you and what kind of life did you live? Did you shine a light or cast a shadow? Were you relied on or passed over? Were you present and participating or passive? Did you commit or sit on the fence? Will your legacy honor your wife, children and Lord….or not?

When your life is over, what will be your legacy?

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