Checklist and Balance

Compared to how things ended last night, we were off to a solid start this morning. Things were going according to plan in the Hancock house.

The curtain closed on the prior evening with my son going to bed early due to “selective listening”.  This morning, all was forgiven and the morning was in a rare state of balance. Good thing too because Kelly was going to need to leave by a certain time to get the kids to VBS. By my checklist, we needed smooth and were getting it:

  • Kids awake – check
  • Kids fed – check
  • Kids dressed – check
  • Kids teeth brushed – check

It was after clean teeth when his selective listening resurfaced. Apparently he was unaware that all the fuss this morning about waking up, eating and getting dressed was in an effort to actually be on time. He didn’t understand that we had to go in a few minutes.

The checklist picks back up with:

  • Just before leaving for, son gives dad the slip, goes outside to splash in puddles and play in mud…leading to complaints of being wet and muddy – check
  • Dad towel dries son and gets dry shoes (and cross looks) – check
  • Sister and mom shake their heads disapprovingly at son and dad because it is raining and now they are running late – check

Could this have been avoided if I had payed more attention to what my son was doing rather than my laptop? Yes. The jury is still out and we may never know the answer to that question. I do know one thing though….deep down I enjoyed seeing my boy be a boy and play in the mud – even if it makes them late for VBS.

Granted it was just a little mud and water, but have you had mornings like this – when things are going according to plan and then veer off course? How do you handle it?

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