The Hungry Games: A Short Tale of Bad Steak and a Good Book

Fritos are good, but should your steak taste like one? Can a mere book be good enough to make you forget how bad dinner was? I guess so.

Not sure which is more disturbing: the beef we bought from a local farm and attempted to eat tonight or my wife being totally hooked on The Hunger Games.

My Beef

We recently bought a portion of a cow from a local farm. Before we bought, we got a sample to try. It was good, but I am positive what we brought home in mass from the farm was not from the same cow. The ground beef, the steaks, the roasts – all taste like what this cow must have been stuffed with in its final moments: corn.

ImagineĀ  going through the trouble to grill a steak, but what you taste is a corn chip….. a big fat, grilled Fritos corn chip, without the satisfaction of a hearty crunch. Not even a Stubb’s (“Ladies and Gentleman, I’m a cook” – love that and it’s right there on the bottle) bath can salvage this meat.

Nope. Just terrible.

The Hunger

Fitting that Kelly is reading a book with hunger in the title, because we (me) are hungry but she is being “fed” by this book. If the house caught fire this red-hot second, she would exit said inferno at the chapter break. With the movie coming out Friday, many folks are reading and Kindle-ing the book, so she’s not alone in being consumed by this. At a really crowded Starbucks today, I noticed only two books on the tables: The Hunger Games and The Bible. Good company, I suppose.

The Remains of the The Day

It’s after 9pm and I should be hungry, but my appetite is lost. I’d like to talk to my wife, but she is in bed reading her book and nothing will compete for her attention. I think I’ll watch some hoops or maybe The Office.

That’ll show her.

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