Ten Random Tenth Anniversary Wedding Day Memories

NASA picture of Tropical Storm Larry as it was 65 miles east of Coatzacoalcos, Mexico.

NASA image of Tropical Storm Larry 65 miles east of Coatzacoalcos, Mexico in October of 2003. Tropical storm image is in no way is a representation of our marriage.

Friday marks our 10th wedding anniversary. So with that in mind, here are 10 random wedding day memories in no particular order:

10. One Regret –  We did a beach wedding in Florida and my granddad was not able to attend….a true regret.

9. Rain – Whitney Rietz, bless her heart, made a valiant effort to get things set up on the beach for the ceremony, but the rain came ashore and we moved in doors.

8. More About The Rain – The rain came from what was left of the outer bands of a one-time tropical storm named Larry which had degraded into a tropical depression a couple of days before.  Larry happens to be the name of my father-in-law and the man who gave Kelly away. How about that? If he can summon up tropical storms….better treat his daughter well.

7. A Night In The Ruts – Some folks in the wedding party were out all night in Rosemary Beach FL. How? Where? Why? Actually, I don’t want to know.

6. All In The Family  – There were Hancocks, Thomass, Garretts, mothers, fathers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and if memory serves, even a crasher, but I was really impressed the entire McPherson clan was on hand! We’re not kin, but we’re family.

5. A Near Miss – My mom was in a bad car wreck the afternoon of the rehearsal dinner. She was very fortunate to have walked away from it with hardly a scratch and our dance at the wedding was even more special.

4. Another Mention of Larry – Before the wedding, Larry was outside doing a little cleaning up. In fact, he was  in his shorts vacuuming the sand. I suppose it was helpful and I think he found it therapeutic, but others found it alarming because guests were arriving and he was in his shorts vacuuming the sand!

3. Can You Repeat That? – I remember the pastor was a nice man with white hair….but I don’t remember what he said between “Welcome friends and family” and “You may kiss the bride.”

2. Black and Blue – The groom and groomsmen (total of 4) were to wear black suits. Three of us delivered on that, while one opted for dark blue…..and I’m OK with that now.

1. Final Mention of Larry – In a very sweet moment (the kind of moment I hope to have with my daughter on her wedding day) Larry reached over to wipe a tear from Kelly’s eye during the ceremony.




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