Ten Final Random Adoption Thoughts

There’s a line in The Grateful Dead song “Truckin'” that talks of being strung out on reds, vitamin C and cocaine.

None of that describes me, but I might be a little….just slightly….strung out on food that comes from a box or bag, waffles and caffeine. My hair has reached Chia status. My mind is wandering and my BO is not acceptable. My clothes need to be cleaned with fire and my wallet has been desecrated. I’m tired and awake at the same time. I go to bed later than usual and wake up a lot. Sunrise comes way too early. But that’s life when you’re the parent of a newborn all over again.

Mercifully, we’re back home in Tennessee and here are ten random adoption thoughts that were hatched from the base of the Wasatch Mountains:

Brothers taking a nap.

Brothers don’t shake hands; brothers gotta take naps.

Ten – Number of days we spent in Utah

Nine – In the middle of all of this, my daughter turned 9!

Eight – Songs, for whatever reason, I listened to this past week that struck a chord with me….

  • Hold On, I’m Coming – Sam and Dave
  • Lost in the Supermarket – The Clash
  • Better Things – The Kinks
  • Someday, Someway – Marshall Crenshaw
  • Home – Phillip Phillips
  • Homeward Bound – Simon and Garfunkel
  • Next Year – Foo Fighters
  • Heroes – David Bowie

Seven – “Average” number of cups of coffee I drank each day

Six – Stages of the 2014 Tour De France I watched with Ainsley and Garrett. Incidentally, I also watched the Wimbledon finals and the World Cup semi finals.

Five point seven – This was the birth weight ; 5lbs and 7oz

Four – Number of University of Utah shirts acquired for the family

Three – How many times we changed our flight plans

Two – Our hotel, Home 2 Suites, was great. The staff took great care of us and our needs.

One – July 1, Ladd’s birthday!

A long, strange trip to be certain – but a worthy one.

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