"Hey cows!"

“Hey cows!” – my son’s barbaric yelp at recent camp out.

Recently, I’ve had a stirring inside me and it’s telling me to get up and go outside. It’s telling me to leave the house and go do something.

So I got up and went outside. I left the house and did something and you know what? It was good and it brought joy. This stirring has proven to be a very good compass and has lead me to:

  • a father/daughter camp out
  • playing “C”, “D”, and “G” over and over on a loaner guitar (technically inside, but something different)
  • our Both Hands project for adoption
  • a beach adventure with my wife and children
  • bike rides and family walks at dusk
  • the pool
  • friend’s homes for dinner
  • a movie premier for my brother in law (inside as well, but another something different)
  • a family walk in a creek
  • a father/son camp out

All of that – nearly every second – was sweet time. I’m prone to get caught up in the routine and laborious things of life and that has an adverse affect on me and how I relate to others. I hope I learned to listen to what is stirring inside me. I hope I learned the condition of my heart as it relates to my wife, children, friends, family and faith.

Don’t miss out on the good stuff. The joyful stuff. The sweat stuff. Don’t miss it. Get up and engage. Do it now.



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