On the Road to Adoption: Both Hands Project

Both Hands 2Last Saturday, we served a widow to help bring home an orphan.

Our group of volunteers worked for Ms. Betty, and her grandson Johnny, the entire day. We trimmed bushes, pressure washed, removed mold, dusted and cleaned furniture, sanded and painted walls, painted ceilings, replaced doors, patched holes, transformed rooms. Goodwill runs were made, a dumpster was filled, stories were told, and some bonds were forged. Here are pictures and a video of the event!

By far, for me, the biggest surprise came early in the morning when a couple of cars full of strangers pulled up.  I figured they were Good Samaritans who heard about the project and just showed up to help. It turns out they were the siblings of JT, the founder of Both Hands. They were in town for a wedding and had never been to see a project before (one of seven happening last Saturday across the US), so they came by to see what it  was all about.

After brief introductions, it dawned on me that these were the original orphans who were at the core of  Both Hands – over 40 years ago! The cherry on top was the aunt who took them all in – the original widow – was there too.  They thanked us for doing the work, but really we were thanking them for the legacy they created by doing the right thing, during a difficult time all those years ago.

From a farm in Iowa to a front yard in Tennessee, their legacy keeps rolling forward, and we’re humbled to be a part of that….to help adoptive families bring home a child….to help us bring home our son or daughter.

Even though the work day is over, you can still support us!  Go to Team Hancock and make a tax deductible contribution. We’d love your support and thank you to all who already have!

We are simply blown away.



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