Redeemed Through Rejection

This morning I learned the story of a family preparing to move to TX. The husband is preparing to serve in the Air Force as a Physician’s Assistant. It was not a place he thought he’d be in four years ago when he was downsized. Like many, he set about finding work to support his family, but a job was elusive. In fact, he was told “NO” 300 times over 18 months. Put another way, he was rejected for a job on average almost 17   times a month for 18 straight months.

In the face of rejection, shrinking bank balances, and uncertainty, this family found their way when they put aside their plans and followed God’s plan for them. It wasn’t at all where they thought they would be, but they couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. The way was provided.

The context may be different for you, but when faced with this kind of adversity, how do you keep moving? How did you make it through?




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