Quiet Time

Up early on the road.

Up early on the road.


No one should be up this early, but yet, here I am. Most mornings, from 5:00 – 7:30ish, I enjoy quiet time to start my day. It usually involves me sitting outside with a cup of coffee, reading, writing, praying, and watching moles till up my yard. They are very active creatures, bless their swarthy, grub eatin’, shovel dodgin’  little rodent soricomorpha hearts!

That aside, I enjoy this part of the day and it helps me start off on the right foot because:

  • No one from work calls or emails me with an urgent need at 5am
  • No one asks me to tie their shoe at 5am
  • No one asks me if I remembered to take out the trash at 5am

Why? Because it’s 5 am, and most people still have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. For me, I can apply clear thoughts without distractions. Quiet time for me is:

1. Non-Work Time – I work from home, so it is hard to close up shop at the end of the day and leave the office. A key insight for me was realizing the work will never be finished. There will always be something, so at the end of the work day, I write everything down on a pad that needs to be picked back up the next day. That way, when quiet time rolls around, I’m not tempted to steal from that time. This keeps my quiet time guilt free and I spend it on things like writing, reading, or prayer – often all three.

Be careful about the length and frequency of quiet time. If you do non-work things during work hours you are stealing time from your employer, who is probably doing you a great service by paying you money to do work for them. Do quiet time each day, but keep it off of the work clock.

2. Non-Sleep Time – I can stay up late or go to bed early the night before, but the morning is my best creative time, so I am choosing to not sleep through it. Getting up early only costs one person – me. If I am going to incur that cost, then I need to set my self up for success and not stay up late. I don’t need Leno,Letterman or Fallon (well, maybe Fallon). I don’t need a rehash of the news. What I need is quiet time in the morning and if I go to bed at the right time, 5am is not a big deal.

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