Phantoms, Snoring and Cat Pee – The Week That Was

Quick hits form the road last week:

Goodbye old friend, but you smell like the inside of a cat and that's unacceptable.

Goodbye old friend, but you smell like the inside of a cat and that’s not working for me in this relationship.

Phantom – Our son wakes up most nights, which means I wake up most nights. I thought going on the road for work would mean that at least I would get some better sleep. Instead, I wake up disoriented, thinking I hear my son crying a few times every night.

Tone Def – Free wi fi was more than the guy in the seat behind on a SWA flight last week could apparently handle. Thanks for the music you shared with us all.  I especially liked that you also fell asleep and snored. Nice touch.

Zyppah – On the subject of snoring, the miracle of satellite radio has brought us limitless, up to date news, talk and music without interruption. It’s also brought us the worst radio commercials without interruption. The main offender right now is “Jimmy from Zyppah.” If you have heard him, you know what I mean; if you haven’t you’re blessed. Runner up is Big Lou, who is on meds too and wants to sell you insurance.

My Backpack smells like the inside of a Cat – I noticed last Monday that my back back was wet. That wasn’t odd to me because I had eye drops in one of the pockets and figured it had leaked. I cleaned out the wet stuff, packed, and went to the airport. By Tuesday morning in the hotel, I realized it wasn’t eye drops.

It was cat pee.

Looks like the cat will get to know the great outdoors sooner rather than later. Enjoy it!


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