Old Age and Treachery Isn’t So Bad

Old Age and Treachery

Something old and something new.

In my youth, old age was for old people who lived in old houses, drove big old cars and wore old looking clothes. I always respected my elders and loved spending time with my grandparents, but old age, or older age, seemed very far off and not for me. I couldn’t identify with it.

In my early 20s, there was a guy I knew who was a little bit older than me. When he turned 27 I thought he looked 50. In him, the standard for what I thought old was supposed to look like had dramatically skewed younger and more treacherous:

  • he smoked and was going bald
  • he didn’t talk much, but he would stare at you
  • he would sing and play air drums to Hunger Strike or any Lynyrd Skynyrd/Led Zeppelin/Bad Company song (not good)
  • he ate a lot of cereal.

As I progressed into my 30s, especially my late 30s, I noticed things were beginning to skew older again. Now however, I was being dragged along with it:

  • I went to way more funerals and memorial services than weddings
  • I couldn’t just go for a run anymore unless I had my patella strap, shoe inserts and stretched
  • I couldn’t remember song lyrics I knew by heart in my 20s anymore, so I’d mumble along until I get frustrated and finally turned the dial to talk radio
  • adult beverages were started, but not always finished
  • if I ate a big lunch, there was a great chance I was not going to eat dinner

Now I’m in my 40s, and I look back at my 20s and notice:

  • I don’t smoke (anymore), nor am I bald, but my hair is beginning it’s gray tinted retreat
  • I talk a lot, but also stare – mostly because my wee, beady eyes can’t see what I’m trying to read or look at, so it gives the appearance I’m staring
  • I play air guitar to most anything at any time (perfectly normal and sane, I think)
  • I eat a lot of cereal

Here’s the thing: I’m not old. I’m older. I now have a new appreciation for old things, and new things too. I move a bit slower, but I try to make the most of each step. I enjoy what I have right now and am thankful for what I have had before. Actually, now that I’m older, things are better in many ways:

  • I’m married to a good women and  have two awesome children
  • I’m referred to by the neighbor kids as Mr.
  • I’ve learned to say “Yes” and “No” to the right things
  • I’m saved by Grace and have been forgiven

All in all, old age and treachery isn’t so bad.



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