More Tweaks for 2013

Here are some more tweaks for 2013:

Low Tech Exercise

Push-ups, sit-ups, dips, chin-ups, resistance band, run, bike, swim, jump rope, stretch – not each of these every day, but some of them on most days.  I like these because they are low cost, high return, and portable. I can do most of these at home, in the neighborhood, or on the road at any time. All I see is the up side.

Following My Teams

I’ll know how my teams are doing, but I won’t watch every second or read every post. For example, I’m a UK basketball fan, and am far more interested in how they perform in mid to late February than December. I’ll be paying attention when tournaments roll around, but for now, it’ll be from a distance. My first test is when UK plays UofL later today. The game will be on, but only in the background. Right now I just don’t care.

Drink more water and tea

I don’t think I can drink enough water and there is some healing power in them thar herbal tea leaves.

Drink less coffee, beer, wine and liquor

Coffee is going to be the biggest challenge here – so I wish myself luck with that.  I long ago abandoned being a beer snob and don’t really care what it is as long as its not a hefeweizen or in need of an orange slice to enjoy. I like my wine red and am more concerned with price point. My palate is just not that sophisticated.  I am not a big liquor person, but I do enjoy a little bit of bourbon on the occasional cool evening…not looking to expand this list.

Take the tablet, not the laptop

Last year I lugged my laptop around the country. It was nice to have a keyboard and all, but the weight and bulky-ness became a pain point for me. In 2013 I’ll take it with me for the week long trip, but if it’s for less than 3 days, I’ll take the Kindle Fire.


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