About Last Week

Three observations from Dad’s desk about the last week:

It's a blur.1. Walking Dead – Flu-like symptoms. Concussion. ER visit. Concussion protocol. Boredom. Cabin fever. Ear infection. Crying baby. Up all night. Interrupted sleep. Go to work. Repeat.

Last week felt more like one long, long, long, long day than seven normal ones. We have washed hands, washed clothes, and cleaned door knobs to fend off spreading germs. We have helped one child get well, while the baby, despite our best efforts to comfort him, has been waking up 5-6 times a night – just because. We’ve had to raise the spirits of our daughter who suffered a concussion. No computer, TV, reading, loud noises (did I mention that the baby has been crying all night), or bright lights. She is so bored. My wife is tired and so am I.

The upside has been all of the texts, emails, phone calls, cards, visits and even meals. It all was very encouraging to us and we appreciate it. As a dad, it was sweet to see all of the prayers pour in around your children. As a husband, it was nice to see friends rally around my wife.

Prediction: This too shall pass.

2. Parenthood wrap – the show ended a six season run on Thursday.  I don’t share all the values of the Braverman clan, but I tuned in to watch most weeks because I found them interesting and spot on with their portrayal of the real life tensions and all the little moments that are part of a family. The cast, story, depth and delivery made it unique, compared to other offerings on the TV landscape. Parenthood, you were really good and you will be missed.

Prediction: The replacement show will suck, like most of what is on TV.

3. Super hype – I’ll watch the Superbowl and am leaning towards the Patriots, but I have no time for the 2 week hype fest between the conference championships and the big game.  Deflategate, Marshawn Lynch, Robert Kraft, media day – it’s too much (there are even betting odds on the color of Katy Perry’s hair for her halftime performance).

Predictions: New England – 31, Seattle – 22. Katy Perry hair color – black.

3.5 Perfection – Here is a bonus thing. My Kentucky Wildcats (I’d like to point out that I’m a native Kentuckian and alum) are 20-0 thus far this season. I won’t really start watching them until the conference tournament begins – it can consume you – but I am watching from afar.

Prediction: They will stumble, but win the title.


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  1. Steve Perry

     /  January 31, 2015

    Well written my friend. Here is to more sleep filled and healthier days:)


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