Last Wednesday

LaddLast Wednesday, we were sure about one thing: we had no idea how things would go in Utah.

Because we needed to get there quickly, my wife went out on the earliest direct flight Wednesday morning, while I took a later one. My trip took me from Tennessee to LA and back to Salt Lake – so I was  in the air all day long and only getting updates sporadically. By the time I finally landed, Kelly had already spent a few hours with the birth mother (I’ll call her Angela). Things were going quite well, I learned.

But there was one thing that needed to happen; Angela wanted to meet with me before making everything official.

No pressure.

As we made our way to the hospital from the airport I kept thinking, what if she doesn’t like me or I say something stupid? What if we didn’t get to keep our son because of something I say or do?

When the time came to meet, I was a little nervous but decided I just needed to go in and be myself.  Turns out, Angela was a sweet, sweet women who was making the hardest, best decision for her son. She wanted to speak to the soon-to-be mother and father of her child just to be sure; just to be certain that she could trust both of us to raise her child.

So….we talked. We talked about TV shows and music. We talked about her dream home and food. We talked about her family and she asked me about mine. We prayed together.

Finally, after speaking with Angela for a while, I had the opportunity to go visit my son in the nursery. I went with Kelly and left Angela behind in her room. The nursery was small, but nice. Kelly introduced me to our son. He was wrapped up tight, wearing a stocking cap and sucking on a pacifier. His eyes were shut and he was sleeping. I held him for a few minutes and fed him. He didn’t open his eyes or do anything….he just slept.

I was struck by how different this was from my older children’s births. I remember specific things about my daughter and son when the they were born. Also there were cards, balloons, family and friends. I wasn’t present for this birth but Angela was alone and far from home (my wife picked up on this prior to leaving for Utah and brought her a gift and dinner).

After 45 minutes or so, we went back to see Angela. She was sitting in bed completing the paperwork to sever parental rights.It turned out she liked us both. I was so anxious about something happening and not getting to keep our son. It turned out, and I thoroughly believe this, God knew what we needed and provided it. In this case, it was Angela.

The following day, we went back to pick up our son from the hospital. Even though we still had some legal work to work through and complete a finalization  process, he was now our son.





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  1. Congratulations to you and your sweet family, Bradford! Psalm 22:10


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