Last Tuesday

SWA Car SeatLast Tuesday morning started off unremarkable. Sleep, wake, eat, shower, dress, go to work.

Then Tuesday afternoon rolled around.

When the day began we knew a few things: we were matched with a birth mother, we’d have a son and he’d arrive in around two weeks. We knew plans needed to be made, so we were beginning to look at flights, hotels, car rentals and child care for the two we already have at home. Nothing, however, was set. I mean, we have at least at least two weeks, right?


At work on Tuesday afternoon I started to get texts from my wife like this: “dilated 4 cm”

A little while later came this one: “she’s at 6 cm”

Those texts, for some reason, didn’t get my attention as much as the next next three that read:

“water broke”

“she’s in labor”

“she gave birth…we have a son. We need to get to Utah”

Let that weigh on you for a minute. I got a text saying my son was born, but I’m at work – half way across the country. Dis belief, soon gave way to joy then frantic scrambling to put a travel plan for us and a care plan for our children.

By the time Wednesday morning arrived, we were in the air and on the way to Utah – on our way to meet our son – but things were far from settled.

You see, while it was wonderful news to know our son was born, and we were hustling to get to the hospital, it’s not good to be absent at the birth. The mother can reconsider things. It’s a critical window of time and to not be there can hurt your cause.

So although we were on our way, we had a lot of anxiousness. There was a very, very real prospect that she’d change her mind.

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