Honey Boo Boo and $300 Shoes

A quick trip around town, cable TV, or social media will tell you a lot about what people value or what marketers want you to value.

Here’s three things you can do as a family that are, well, better values in my humble opinion:

1. Eat together – As a family, we “return thanks” and ask to be excused from the table.  We pass the salt and the time talking to each other. This summer we began playing “high and low” where everyone shares the high point and low point of the day. Some of the things the kids say just light up my wife’s face and mine too. This time together is priceless and timeless but comes with one caveat: it’s fleeting.

2. Play together – Yesterday I was walking down the hall and my son was playing with some cars on the floor. He asked me, in his raspy four year old voice, “Dad, will you play with me?” For the next few minutes we crashed Hot Wheels into Matchbox cars into Star Wars figures. I work from home, so this gives me opportunities during the day to take a break and play with the kids. It can be a few soccer kicks in the back yard with my daughter or playing on the floor with my son. My point – take the time to play whenever you can. Again, it’s fleeting.

3. Appreciate the things you already have –  When I was a kid in the early 80s, I was taught how to wash my own clothes, love leftovers, embrace the off-brand (with a few exceptions) and had a morning paper route. This taught me many things like what it means to earn, save, care for and enjoy the things I was responsible for.  Today, I have so much more than I deserve, and am thankful for it.

As for $300 shoes? I’m sure they are great, but not on my feet – or my kids. Sorry Boo Boo, but I’ve got no time for you either.

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