The Good Kind of Danger

dangerWe’re about to do something very dangerous in our home.

Everyone knows about danger and what it can do. Danger can:

  • keep you in check – If you’re afraid of the danger on the road of life, pull over and don’t move ahead. Stay put.
  • be harmful – It’s perilous, messy and people get hurt.
  • be risky –  Life is full of risk. Not everyone has the same tolerance for it (mine is low), but nothing risked, nothing gained. To grow is to endure some pain, hardship, but also be stretched and molded in different ways. Ways you didn’t think possible.

There doesn’t appear to be a really good reason to give danger a foothold in my home. I mean, things are going pretty well right now. Our marriage is healthy, we have two great children, my career seems to be on the right track, my wife’s business is good, and we’ve avoided financial traps and snares. We’re blessed with family and friends. We’re being fed spiritually at church. So why roll the dice on danger? Why invite the pain and the risk?

Because good things can come from danger, pain and risk. With all that being said, we’re adopting!

There are more unknowns than knowns at the moment. We don’t know which state this child will come from, the sex, the race, the birth mother, or an exact timeline. We only have a ballpark estimate on the cost.  We have no guarantees or real control. What we do know is the need for adoption is real and not stepping in to help the most innocent among us isn’t an option for our home anymore. We’re going into the next great unknown with arms locked, shields up and eyes wide open. We’re stepping out in faith to do something we know is right. We know it’s going to be messy, risky, and dangerous. I am prepared (I think) for the pain and doubt. It’s also going to be beautiful.

So with all of that, I have a few asks. We’ll need your help along the way through prayers, encouragement and support. Right now – today – there are some ways you can help. Specifically I’m asking that you:

1. Follow my blog – It’s called TheDadford and I’d be humbled if you would subscribe to it for updates about our adoption (also marriage, parenthood, fatherhood, life, work, culture, etc). I can’t promise that it’ll always be right, but it’ll be honest.  It would be great if you would also “like” TheDadford on Facebook and follow @thedadford on Twitter as well.

2. Follow my wife’s blog –  Faithful Provisions is another place you can go to be kept in the loop. Kelly launched this back in 2008 and it is has been a real joy to watch it grow and reach a lot of people. You can go here to find out about money saving tips, home schooling, faith, lifestyle and our adoption. It would be interesting, I think, to follow both for different perspectives.

Finally – We are putting the finishing touches on a fund raiser through Both Hands Foundation – serving widows, orphans and adoptive families – and will provide you with ways to jump in and help soon. Until then, would you just follow along and pray for us?

We are scared but, but also crazy hopeful about what the future holds…..and off we go!


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