Filling In The Blanks



Recently, there was a baby shower in honor our our 8 week old son (he’s already a hit with the ladies). There were many gifts imparted unto the boy, but maybe the best thing he received was a collection of fill-in-the-blank cards called “Wishes for Baby.” They looked like this:

  • I hope you learn to______.
  • I hope you become______.
  • I hope you grow______.

When I read these, I had a couple of thoughts: what a blessing to have people share this with my son and isn’t this really how life should be?

The wishes we wish for people when they’re a baby – or on their birthday, graduation day, wedding day, when they’re terminally ill, going through something incredibly difficult – mean well, but can seem foreign or naive when cast against your current reality. It can feel like these wishes are to be kept in a box and only pulled out for milestones or emergencies.

Maybe another way of saying it is wouldn’t it be refreshing if these were the things we sought daily? I think if we did strive to grow in wisdom, love life and adventure, laugh a lot, and seek God, then all of the other stuff that robs us of our time – negative people, anxiety, fear – would take care of themselves.  

Admittedly, my fill in the blanks a lot of the time look like this:

  • I hope I don’t _____again.
  • I fear_____.
  • I am ______ at work/home.

These cards were a great reminder to me of what is important. After all, how can you argue with:

  • I hope you learn to love.
  • I hope you become the man God wants you to be.
  • I hope you grow old and laugh often.

Reading these cards reminded me (again) that we are more than _______.  The future is unknown, but why can’t it be brighter and better than our current set of circumstances?

Why should we settle for _____, when we can be so much more?

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