Dads – Don’t Fall Asleep

Tip Toes

Tip Toes

Beware of kids on tip toes.

The other morning, while I was still in bed, I caught a glimpse of my grinning daughter tip toeing towards me. She was grinning the kind of grin a little kid will grin when they are about to pounce.  My instincts told me a loud “boo”, nose pinch or daddy trampolining was imminent. I was braced for impact. I was ready for whatever was coming next….except nothing happened. I opened my eyes to find she was gone. She turned around and left. Bummer.

As far as bummers go, it was a small bummer. The upside was I got to sleep an extra 2 minutes and that surley made a difference in my day. In reality it was a glimpse into the future. My children are growing and one day, they’ll be gone. It was a little moment. It’s a moment she won’t recall but I’ll file it with all the other ones.

The thing is, although I want them to grow, I still really enjoy the moments that only little kids can deliver. My daughter’s birthday is coming soon.  She’s still my little girl, but she won’t be the little girl I have always known. She is smart, creative and has a tender heart. She likes to sing, twirl, play piano, and peek into bird nests. She’s also wanting older girl things now. Her Barbi bike is on her personal FAA “no ride” list and she wants different girl clothes. She thinks a pierced ear is a great idea (me, not so much). My son is a blur of energy. He’s like a little, hairy tornado, who talks to himself and carries swords. Lego’s and bikes are his passion right now, but there are strong signs of a big heart. Out of the blue, he’ll stop to pick a flower for mom or hand select cars to send on a mission trip so little boys in Nicaragua have something to play with.

So dad’s, here’s my point – stay awake!  Your children will carry what they learn from you forward to their children. Watch what they do and enjoy them. Discipline, instruct and encourage them. When you’re home, be home and not drifting back to work. Be engaged. You’re uniquely qualified and sanctioned to be:

  • their strongest advocate and biggest fan (along with mom, of course)
  • their barometer for what is right and wrong, what is good and evil
  • the one who picks them up when they trip and fall
  • the one who will model to them how gentlemen act
  • the one who can show them that men can have a tender heart
  • the one who will stand in the void between them and the world

One of the pastors at my church is famous for saying “don’t let the world teach you theology.” I think you can add to that list “don’t let the world have your children.”  The world is telling dads that you aren’t important and men are listening. It’s a lie. You are important. Vital.

Stay awake.







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