Dadford Review 2013

Here is a quick run down of 2013 , month by month, followed by a brief review of how I did on some small items I wanted to work this year.

JanuaryFamily trip to Disney

Christmas card picture taken at Epcot.

Christmas card picture taken at Epcot.

We drove to Orlando and spent a few days at Disney with extended family. If I were to ever go back, it would be during the off season, because Fast Pass or not, I could not imagine standing in those lines in the heat. Magic Kingdom was so-so, but Epcot was awesome.


Good things happen at 6am. In February a group of us began meeting and talking about manhood, fatherhood, marriage and other things that can happen in life. Glad to be walking with these guys.

MarchThe Move

We sold our home in February and moved a mile or so down the road in March. Despite all the planning, purging and rain, we got it all done. The closing, move out and move in happened all in one day – Good Friday. Yes indeed. Also, my son turned a year older and so did his dad.


My father-in-law, who by all appearances was in really good shape, went in for a routine check-up and didn’t leave the hospital again for something like 7 weeks. Bypasses, MRSA, double phenomnia, complete loss of appetite and chronic weakness. It was touch and go for a while, but he is doing much better now. Prayers were answered.

Pig Roast

Pig Roast

MayPig Roasts and Peeping Toms

In May, my friend Chris roasted a couple of suckling pigs. The fun part was staying up all night with the guys and roasting the pigs. The downside was he had well over 100 people coming the next day and the wee little pigs yeilded about 12 lbs of pork.

Later that month I was in Lexington for work and decided to go look at the old frat house. I was impressed with how clean it looked and walked around the outside. There didn’t appear to be anyone around, so I peeked in a window.¬† I was expecting to see the trophy case, composites and a few beer cans but what I actually saw was nice, clean furniture and pictures of college aged girls jumping and holding hands. What? Have we gone soft? It was weird until I realized that the old frat house was now a sorority house and maybe – just maybe – I should get out of there before I was falsely accused of being a perv.

JuneKelly Goes to South America, A Wedding and a Funeral

Kelly got to go on a mission trip with Compassion International and actually meet a child we sponsor. This doesn’t happen very often, so that was really cool. Meanwhile, on the home front, I went to a friend’s wedding for the first time in five of six years and saw a bunch of folks I hadn’t seen together in a long time. The next day I got a call that an old family friend and a member of the greatest generation had passed. Life is so full of twists and turns.

July4th of July Indoors and New Addition To the Family


Due to rain, we spent the 4th of July inside playing board games and listening to music. I’m sure it was a great day, but I am haunted. My nieces were asked to tell the adults which famous person they most resembled. There were favorable comparisons to Scarlet Johansson and Denzel Washington for some. As for me? Bob from the cartoon Bobs Burgers. On a much higher note, a few days later the family expanded with the addition of Scout the Cat on my daughter’s birthday.

AugustFamily trip to Cincinnati

We took a taste of the Cincinnati area, spending time at the Creation Museum, a Reds game, the Findlay Market and strolling around the neighborhood. My cousin Nicole and her family hosted us for the weekend and we had a great time. My kids still talk about it.

SeptemberResolution Ceremony and Auction

The mens’ group we started back in February had a ceremony in September, with ties being tied, resolutions being signed, accountability being pledged and food being catered. It was fancy. Later that month, we sold off what remained of the family farm in Kentucky.

October – 10 Year Anniversary and Adoption Paperwork Started

We went to Asheville for a long weekend for our 10th anniversary. While there, we initiated adoption paperwork, something we talked about doing for a long time.

NovemberFamily Camping Trip and Hosted First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving table

Two nights in the tent with the family was a blast. At the end of the month, we hosted our first Thanksgiving. My wife turned 25 again.

December –¬† Homestudy Completed and Goodbye to Scout the Cat

We completed our homestudy for adoption. Now the real fun and work begins. More to come on this. On Christmas night we had to put down Scout. I am constantly reminded of how fragile life is and surprised by how resilient children are.

Now, with 2014 just a few hours away, here is a look back at how I did with some small things I wanted to do in 2013:

2013 Tweaks

  • Turning off the TV – Watched less TV this year, largely because we took it out of the bedroom.
  • Netflix and Amazon – They were embraced. Turns out it’s very easy to carry a Kindle Fire into the bedroom and watch TV.
  • Facebook Ups – I was going to do push ups each time I wasted time on FB. I should be ripped, but am still scrawny.
  • Hearing the Music – Turns out I’m just not that interested in Wilco. Quadrophenia, on the other hand, became one of my favorite albums.

More Tweaks

  • Low Tech Exercise – going to carry this forward into 2014
  • Following my Teams Less – this is working for me
  • I drank more water and tea (green, mint and other herbal).
  • I continued to drink coffee, but not much wine or liquor. As for beer, I embraced the German Beer Purity Law.
  • My laptop, while heavy and slow, is still indispensable.

One Last Tweak

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