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About Last Week

Three observations from Dad’s desk about the last week: 1. Walking Dead – Flu-like symptoms. Concussion. ER visit. Concussion protocol. Boredom. Cabin fever. Ear infection. Crying baby. Up all night. Interrupted sleep. Go to work. Repeat. Last week felt more like one long, long, long, long day than seven normal ones. We have washed hands, washed clothes, and cleaned […]


Test from Admin, please disregard


“Sold!” With that word – and a few pen strokes – farm land which had been in our family for over 70 years was gone. I didn’t feel joy, but I wasn’t sad either. On the one hand, this is the last place my family lived together when I was a child. This is where […]

Farm In a Jar

Question: What does 70 years of a family farm come down to? Answer: A 1/2 gallon jar of dirt.