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Recently, I’ve had a stirring inside me and it’s telling me to get up and go outside. It’s telling me to leave the house and go do something. So I got up and went outside. I left the house and did something and you know what? It was good and it brought joy. This stirring […]

On the Road to Adoption: Both Hands Project

Last Saturday, we served a widow to help bring home an orphan. Our group of volunteers worked for Ms. Betty, and her grandson Johnny, the entire day. We trimmed bushes, pressure washed, removed mold, dusted and cleaned furniture, sanded and painted walls, painted ceilings, replaced doors, patched holes, transformed rooms. Goodwill runs were made, a […]

Making The Connection

A few weeks ago my wife and children worked on a generosity project. They put together “kits” to hand out at intersections to the homeless. They consist of: heavy duty plastic bag water bottle snack socks tooth brush and tooth paste soap and clean rag note of encouragement small bible Considering what a homeless person […]

Was That Worth It?

When I turned 11, my mom gave me a choice for my birthday present: Atari or Summer Camp. I couldn’t have both (we couldn’t afford both), so I had to choose. On the one hand Atari was the “it” game of that era. You could plug it into your TV and play games by yourself […]