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Why I’m Done With UK Football: It’s Not You, It’s Me

1982. That’s the year I began my relationship with UK football. I was 10 yrs old and prior to that, I didn’t know Kentucky had football. Basketball was king in the Bluegrass State (Commonwealth, actually), but I liked football more. Football, especially pro football, had Staubach and Stabler, Mean Joe Green and Broadway Joe. College […]

People of Peru

Often on mission trips the ones you are sent to serve end up giving you something. That’s what I found in Peru. One day we demolished and then built a new house on the same spot. The husband was at work, but the wife worked along side us. She offered sweat equity, as she removed the […]

Sensing Peru

If Comas, Peru, were a person, I’d give him (or her) a drink of water. It’s a sprawling district of Lima, with nearly 500,000 inhabitants. Although it is just a few miles from the Pacific ocean, this mountainous area is dry and arid – averaging less than an inch of rain per year. That would appear to […]

Grievin’ and Dreamin’

Sounds a bit like Rhymin & Stealin, or, Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, but whatever it sounds like to you, it’s the process I’m working through right now. First: the grieving That was the advice I received the day after learning my services were no longer needed at work. Both parties were ready to move on, but […]