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The Upside of Being Without Your iPhone

There was an upside of having my car and iPhone stolen last week just before a business trip. My car, laptop and suitcase were quickly recovered, but my iPhone, which was in the front seat, was gone – most likely to be resold or chucked into the river. That was last Sunday night and it […]

My Dad and Baseball

My dad wasn’t a sportsman. We lived on a farm, but he didn’t hunt, fish, or camp. I don’t recall every seeing him on a boat, much less a canoe. He didn’t shoot hoops in the back yard, throw a football or kick a soccer ball. He didn’t care about race cars, horse races or […]

Filling In The Blanks

Recently, there was a baby shower in honor our our 8 week old son (he’s already a hit with the ladies). There were many gifts imparted unto the boy, but maybe the best thing he received was a collection of fill-in-the-blank cards called “Wishes for Baby.” They looked like this: I hope you learn to______. […]

Ten Final Random Adoption Thoughts

There’s a line in The Grateful Dead song “Truckin’” that talks of being strung out on reds, vitamin C and cocaine. None of that describes me, but I might be a little….just slightly….strung out on food that comes from a box or bag, waffles and caffeine. My hair has reached Chia status. My mind is wandering […]