Bama vs. Irish and What I Learned Today

I took my daughter to school this morning.

On my way out of the building, there was a father and young son walking out at the same time. The little one was wearing a Bama t-shirt and a hat with Auburn colors. Recognizing the obvious breech of protocol and it being a festive time of year,  I jokingly pointed it out to the dad.

I asked, “Can you wear Auburn colors with a Bama shirt?”  He replied frostily that he was going to throw the hat away. Then he asked where I went to school. I said Kentucky. He said, “You’re no threat”.

He’s right about not being a threat, but why get chippy with me and my school because he dresses his kid in Auburn and Alabama colors? It’s rare that I break ranks from the SEC, but I’m good with it this time.

Go Irish, Beat Bama!

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