Phantoms, Snoring and Cat Pee – The Week That Was

Quick hits form the road last week: Phantom – Our son wakes up most nights, which means I wake up most nights. I thought going on the road for work would mean that at least I would get some better sleep. Instead, I wake up disoriented, thinking I hear my son crying a few times every night. […]

About Last Week

Three observations from Dad’s desk about the last week: 1. Walking Dead – Flu-like symptoms. Concussion. ER visit. Concussion protocol. Boredom. Cabin fever. Ear infection. Crying baby. Up all night. Interrupted sleep. Go to work. Repeat. Last week felt more like one long, long, long, long day than seven normal ones. We have washed hands, washed clothes, and cleaned […]

The Upside of Being Without Your iPhone

There was an upside of having my car and iPhone stolen last week just before a business trip. My car, laptop and suitcase were quickly recovered, but my iPhone, which was in the front seat, was gone – most likely to be resold or chucked into the river. That was last Sunday night and it […]

My Dad and Baseball

My dad wasn’t a sportsman. We lived on a farm, but he didn’t hunt, fish, or camp. I don’t recall every seeing him on a boat, much less a canoe. He didn’t shoot hoops in the back yard, throw a football or kick a soccer ball. He didn’t care about race cars, horse races or […]