Amazon to Quadrophenia: Things I’m Tweaking in 2013

It’s the end of 2012 and time to look forward to the new year. It’s a time to write down goals and make plans. Goal setting has made me acutely aware that the pace of my life is quickening. With that, I’ve got things to do and unanswered questions which are common to the everyman:

  • How much time do I have left and what will I do with it?
  • Have I been a good husband and father?
  • Where did I put my car keys? They were right here…c’mon!

My goals for 2013 focus on spirituality, family and profession, but here are some tweaks I’m employing to better address my questions.

Turn the TV Off – I got in the habit of not turning on the TV when I traveled for work in 2012 and it helped me to be more productive and creative. What would happen if I didn’t turn on the TV at home?

Turn on Amazon and/or Netflix – I’ll have to watch something and had the I “get it”  moment when viewing two seasons of  Downton Abby with my wife on Amazon. I understood the genius of Netflix when they announced 10 new episodes of Arrested Development for 2013. My plan? Less is more; only watch the good stuff.

Facebook Ups – It is 2 pm and I’ve just gone to Facebook for the 3rd time in an hour to “check-in” on something I really don’t care about instead of working. How do I break the cycle? Drop and give myself 20. Style this to suit yourself, but push-ups help me get back on task, not to mention some additional exercise.

Hear the Music – I intend to right some musical wrongs in 2013 which include embracing Wilco and appreciating Quadrophenia from the Who. Also, I’ll earn extra points for dragging myself to watch a musical – Les Miserables – with the wife.

Yep, a true renaissance man in the making.

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