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FlagSporting events help us to forget, heal, remember, and inspire. Sometimes sporting events are the background for life changing events.

The bombings last Monday at the Boston Marathon were another reminder of the evil of this world, but also an example of the exceptional spirit of Americans doing what we do – rising to the occasion. It reminds us of our identity and brings us together.

Last Wednesday the city of Boston took a big step in the healing process. It came during the National Anthem at the Boston Bruins hockey game. It was great to hear the whole crowd sing the Star Spangled Banner and that made me think of other times when US sporting events brought out the best in us. With that in mind here are my favorites:

April 2003 –  Help From My Friends – Mo Cheeks stepped in to help a 13 year old girl finish the National Anthem after forgetting the lyrics. Soon the crowd and players join in. I imagine this was a fragile moment for that little girl and rather than let her stand alone, the coach and the crowd came to her aid. Awesome moment.

January 1991 – Whitney Houston Sings the National Anthem  –  I can’t say I owned any of her music or was that big a fan, but she set the standard at Super Bowl XXV. It was a 10.

September, 14 2001 – First Pitch at Yankee Stadium – We were looking for something to remind us of who we were. Although it was only a baseball game, where else do you signal to the world “we’re back” than Yankee Stadium and the President throwing the first pitch?

January, 1980 – Miracle on Ice –  The Olympics interrupted a difficult time in our country to help restore our view of ourselves…to remind us of the exceptionalism of our country. The 1980 USA Hockey team winning gold at Lake Placid, NY was the place where we hit bottom and bounced.

April 1976 – Monday Saves the Flag – I was five when this happened and had never heard about it until a few years ago. It might have been remembered as a day when good men stood by and did nothing, but now it’s remembered for a good man who took action – 37 years ago tomorrow.




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