A Dad I Know Who Is Doing Well

There’s a friend of mine who is doing pretty well, but he’d never let on. By pretty well, you might be thinking financially, but what I’m talking about is as a dad. It’s not an easy endeavor, this business of being a dad. Sure anyone can do it, but not everyone does it well. It’s been my experience that you need a willing accomplice (wife), children, income, help from others, love, and more patience than you ever thought possible.

My friend knows this very well and by any standard you can plainly see his wife and three children (two dogs, as well) are the focus of his life.  But there’s more to it and here’s three qualities my friend lives daily that make him a credit to dads everywhere:

He is generous – He offers help to others and expects nothing in return. He is teaching his children what true generosity looks like.

He is humorous – He is a funny guy and leaves people with a smile in almost every situation. He is teaching his children to laugh.

He looks out for his neighbors – I have neighbors and I like them. We hang out sometimes, but I don’t get too deep. My friend, on the other hand has seen where he can help and jumps in without giving it a second thought. By taking care of a widows yard, inviting a neighbor with Alzheimer’s in for dinner, and simply listening to and getting to know the grumpy old the man next door, he is teaching his children through action what being  a good neighbor looks like.

So on Father’s Day, I am happy to know my friend is doing well as a dad. He isn’t generous, humorous and neighborly because he has to be, but because he wants to be.  He does them because they are the right thing to do.

Well done man.

Do yo know any dads like this?






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