8 Travel Habits That Help Me Stay Healthy

stairs (2)Like a starter’s pistol (do they still start races that way?), my Monday morning alarm has gone off and the work week race is underway.

As I get ready to head out on another road trip, here are a few things I do to help me stay healthy and in my right mind:

Read – There is always more than enough work to be done at the end of the day, but I still bring a book to read before bed.

Climb the Stairs – I don’t use hotel elevators. Why? I kind of feel lazy if I have to rely on the elevator to go up 2 or 3 stories, so I take the stairs. I get a little exercise, I know how to get out if there’s an emergency and the stairs are usually faster than the elevator anyway. Most flights I have carried my bags up so far? Twelve.

Avoid TV – I started this last year during the election cycle. The wall-to-wall politics and everything else competing for my time was too much, so I tuned out. Doing this one thing created more time to work and read. Plus I sleep better without it.

Rental Cars with Sirius – Don’t always get this, but when I do, I am jotting down (safely) songs I will add to add my playlists later. I do a lot of listening between Springsteen Radio and Outlaw County.

Exercise – Runs, walks, treadmills, jump ropes, resistance bands, stretching, push ups….these are all things that can be done at the hotel.

Facetime  – Finally got an iPhone and love being able to see my wife and kids from the road.

Something from Home – I almost always bring a small reminder of the family with me when I travel. A book my wife bought me, a small stuffed animal from my daughter and a Hot Wheels car from my son. When I remember, I’ll take pictures of these items and send them back home so they know I’m thinking of them.

Prayer – This one is easy and hard. It’s really an easy thing to do. There is so much to pray over and about that you could fill your day with it. It is hard, however, to remember to do it because of all the things that happen in a day with work and clients and emails. So the trick is remembering to do it. I pray for my wife, children, family, and friends. I pray for forgiveness and grace. I pray when I wake, eat, drive, before important meetings and afterwards, before I go to sleep. When I’m in doubt or anxious, when I need wisdom, when I rather be at home – this is when I pray.

What are some of your habits that help keep you healthy when you travel?

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