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Ten Final Random Adoption Thoughts

There’s a line in The Grateful Dead song “Truckin’” that talks of being strung out on reds, vitamin C and cocaine. None of that describes me, but I might be a little….just slightly….strung out on food that comes from a box or bag, waffles and caffeine. My hair has reached Chia status. My mind is wandering […]

Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday, we were sure about one thing: we had no idea how things would go in Utah. Because we needed to get there quickly, my wife went out on the earliest direct flight Wednesday morning, while I took a later one. My trip took me from Tennessee to LA and back to Salt Lake […]

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday morning started off unremarkable. Sleep, wake, eat, shower, dress, go to work. Then Tuesday afternoon rolled around. When the day began we knew a few things: we were matched with a birth mother, we’d have a son and he’d arrive in around two weeks. We knew plans needed to be made, so we […]