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Dadford Review 2013

Here is a quick run down of 2013 , month by month, followed by a brief review of how I did on some small items I wanted to work this year. January – Family trip to Disney We drove to Orlando and spent a few days at Disney with extended family. If I were to […]

Eyes Of A Child: Saying Good Bye To The Family Pet

Sometimes fatherhood requires you to take off the adult glasses and see things through the eyes of children. Among the notable things that happened in our home in 2013 was the addition of a cat named Scout. When I was a kid, we had many cats and I actually liked them. As I got older, […]

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Sounds

With the exception of having to watch a Pennyrile Players production of The Sound of Music as a kid, I really didn’t have much interest in the show. Sure, I knew it had something to do with Nazi’s, nuns, and a large signing family, but otherwise I didn’t care. If it wasn’t Star Wars, it […]


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