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The Sum of Your Life: Three Piles of Stuff

After we die, the remains of our life will come down to what my friend Richard calls “three piles of stuff.” We all may name them something different, but here is what they basically are: Junk – These are the things that are bound for the land fill because nobody wants it. Think As Seen […]

Old Age and Treachery Isn’t So Bad

In my youth, old age was for old people who lived in old houses, drove big old cars and wore old looking clothes. I always respected my elders and loved spending time with my grandparents, but old age, or older age, seemed very far off and not for me. I couldn’t identify with it. In […]

Reading Too Fast?

A long time ago, I figured out that my life is better when I read. Another thing I figured out a long time ago is that I’m not a strong multitasker (I’m also not a strong musician, farmer or accountant, but pretty decent really at making coffee and swimming). So, when I try to read […]