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Close The Distance

One of my favorite movies is The Hunt For Red October. In one scene, a sub sent by the Russian Navy to sink the Red October before it defected to the US, fired on the Dallas, a US Navy sub sent to the area to intercept the Red October (got it?). The Dallas, instead of […]

Me, My Wife, and the Man Cave Type Area

On a rainy day in March when we moved into a new house, I remember thinking¬† how the garage would be my place. I was going to own it. It was going to be my room and organized my way. By my way, I must have meant that only I’d know where things were and […]

Dads – Don’t Fall Asleep

Beware of kids on tip toes. The other morning, while I was still in bed, I caught a glimpse of my grinning daughter tip toeing towards me. She was grinning the kind of grin a little kid will grin when they are about to pounce.¬† My instincts told me a loud “boo”, nose pinch or […]

Lost and Found

I came across something that had long been forgotten. The Dead Sea Scrolls they were not, but I did find a small box of magazine articles I wrote 15 years ago. There they were. A record that I’d been published and paid! In fact, I was published and paid 8 times. Good for me..I think […]