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…and Cleveland’s cold

This song has been in my head all day I guess because Cleveland is cold. “The poets tell how Poncho fell and Lefty’s living in cheap hotels. The desert’s quiet and Cleveland’s cold And so the story ends were told. Poncho needs your prayers it’s true But save a few for Lefty too. He only […]

Stan The Man

When I was 10 years old we attended opening day in St. Louis at Busch Stadium and I became not a baseball fan, but a Cardinals fan. Saturday the greatest Cardinal, Stan Musial, died at 92.  Here is an SI story about The Man.


No matter your opinion of Lance Armstrong and his admission – if you think he’s a victim or misunderstood – here is an article that came out in 2012 about Greg LeMond you should read for some perspective. LeMond was the original great American cyclist, three time Tour De France winner, but was branded jealous […]

Bama vs. Irish and What I Learned Today

I took my daughter to school this morning. On my way out of the building, there was a father and young son walking out at the same time. The little one was wearing a Bama t-shirt and a hat with Auburn colors. Recognizing the obvious breech of protocol and it being a festive time of […]