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Something Else To Try in 2013: Neti Pot

This is a Neti Pot. If you have sinus issues, use this pot to pour warm salt water in your nose…nasal irrigation.  It feels wrong – kind of like you may drown – but is right for your nasal passage. Also, it makes my kids laugh. For 50 likes, I will post my personal demonstration […]

More Tweaks for 2013

Here are some more tweaks for 2013: Low Tech Exercise Push-ups, sit-ups, dips, chin-ups, resistance band, run, bike, swim, jump rope, stretch – not each of these every day, but some of them on most days.  I like these because they are low cost, high return, and portable. I can do most of these at […]

Amazon to Quadrophenia: Things I’m Tweaking in 2013

It’s the end of 2012 and time to look forward to the new year. It’s a time to write down goals and make plans. Goal setting has made me acutely aware that the pace of my life is quickening. With that, I’ve got things to do and unanswered questions which are common to the everyman: […]