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Down On The Farm

It’s not often that memories match reality and that’s the case with my granddad’s farm. As a kid, this was a place where my imagination flourished (fueled by Ski Cola) with images of cowboys, arrow head hunting, fighting WWII, and Huck Finn. On the surface, it was the land and the adventure it offered, but […]

A Dad I Know Who Is Doing Well

There’s a friend of mine who is doing pretty well, but he’d never let on. By pretty well, you might be thinking financially, but what I’m talking about is as a dad. It’s not an easy endeavor, this business of being a dad. Sure anyone can do it, but not everyone does it well. It’s […]

What Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day

I’ve been a dad for almost 7 years and when Father’s Day rolls around my wife asks me (on behalf of the kids) what I want. I say something really thoughtful like “iTunes gift card” or “Loews gift card” or maybe something exotic like “Starbucks gift card”, but that’s not what I really mean to […]

Bookshelf Purge

When I was younger, I felt having lots of books around would be smart or at least look smart. Also, it didn’t hurt that one of my childhood heroes, Indiana Jones, had lots of books and look at the adventures he had (he wasn’t a real person). With that in mind and the help of […]