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Bluegrass on the Brink

When I heard about two old men throwing punches in a dialysis clinic in Georgetown, Kentucky on Monday I thought it was due to the Obama Care arguments in the Supreme Court. I was embarrassed to learn they weren’t fighting because of access to care or poor treatment. They weren’t fighting for the “right” to […]

The Hungry Games: A Short Tale of Bad Steak and a Good Book

Not sure which is more disturbing: the beef we bought from a local farm and attempted to eat tonight or my wife being totally hooked on The Hunger Games. My Beef We recently bought a portion of a cow from a local farm. Before we bought, we got a sample to try. It was good, […]

March Dadness

Madness is in the air. After all, it’s March and the NCAA tournament is in full swing – 16 teams remain. All the number 1 seeds survived, but the number 2 seeds were not so fortunate.  The first and second rounds have played havoc with office pools. In addition, the Peyton Manning saga has been […]

It Came From 20 Years Ago

20 years ago this week, I was enjoying the fun and sun of Key West, Florida with my fraternity and most of the undergrads from UK. EVERYONE was there on Spring Break. That trip brings back many memories. Some good (good friends, sun). Some bad (a fraternity brother was knifed by a local). Some ugly […]