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While Mom is Away: Day Two

We have been keeping busy, but I think Ainsley’s eyes capture the mood pretty well. If she hears me say “go play with your brother for a few minutes” one more time, she is going to pop.  Garrett, meanwhile, is as happy as a pig in mud. Again, I would like to point out everyone […]

While Mom is Away: Day One

So far, so good. See for yourself.  Everyone is of good cheer and reasonably good health. Kelly will be pleased.

On My Own With The Kids For A Week

This week will be a test. While my wife, who also maintains my external memory, will be flying to Ecuador to distribute gifts to children for Samaritan’s Purse, I will be flying without a net on the home front….or maybe not.  She has put almost as much effort into making sure we will be OK […]