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Monday Morning

Something I aim to do each week is get up early on Monday morning. I use this quiet time to pray and prepare for the week that lies ahead. We live near a fire house and it is not uncommon on Monday mornings to hear the sirens once or twice before 8 am. Each time […]

While Mom is Away: Day Five

Now I know why they had not put on shoes, changed clothes, washed, or roamed very far from the fireplace the last 5 days – no Kelly around to keep order in the house! Clearly, I don’t run a tight ship. They miss mom – me too. She’ll be home tonight!

While Mom is Away: Day Four

Up and at ’em! They must have slept here last night and used all of these stuffed animals to stay warm. I seem to remember sending an email Tweet asking them to¬†#washup, #changeclothes and #sleep in their #beds. Note to self: need to work with them on social media comprehension. Kelly home tomorrow.

While Mom is Away: Day Three

Today has an “Occupy” vibe, complete with sit-in and chants: “One, two, three, four (Garrett keeps counting through eleventeen), why are we sitting on the floor? Five, six, seven, eight (Garrett starts his ABC’s), can I have lunch on a plate?” They still look good even though they have not put on shoes…or changed clothes….or […]